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Home Inspection: What to expect in your home inspection report

Home inspector checking water pressure on outside water valve
Bender's checking water pressure on outside water valve.

What is a home inspection report?

A home inspector will look at the entire house, inside and out, take notes, pictures and then puts all of the findings in a report. The report will identify severe issues, needing immediate attention and will also include any minor issues.

Examples of some items noted on our home inspection reports...

  • missing, damaged or cracked shingles on the roof

  • visible cracks in foundation or walkways

  • incorrect wiring in electrical panel or outlets

  • no GFCI outlets where necessary

  • inaccurate water pressure coming into home

  • possible water intrusion, visible on ceilings, walls, floor or exterior

  • no apparent carbon monoxide or smoke alarm

  • inadequate drainage around home

  • possible leaks in plumbing

  • inadequate heated or cooled air coming out of vents during inspection

Who will benefit from a home inspection?

A home inspection is beneficial for both the seller and the buyer. A "Move in certified" inspection will allow a seller to fix any visible defects before showing the home to possible buyers allowing the maximum return. While a "standard residential" home inspection prepares the buyer for any visible defects allowing them to possibly negotiate with seller to get them fixed before making the investment.  At Bender's Inspection Services we deliver a fully digital home inspection report within 24 hours after completed inspection. You can check out a sample report here

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