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What does Bender's Inspection Services offer?

home inspection services
Services offered by Bender's Inspection Services

Bender's Inspection Services offers several other inspections alongside our basic home inspection. Here is an explanation of a few of them...

Residential Home Inspection:

  • "Basic" home inspection primarily for home buyers

  • Inspector checks all visible areas of the home for any possible defects.

  • Client receives a fully digital report within 24 hours after completion identifying any possible defects.

  • Check out our previous blog for more details about this inspection.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection:

  • Home inspection to identify any maintenance or potential issues on the home.

  • Primarily for home owners.

  • Client receives a digital report identifying any issues found within 24 hours after completion.

  • A good benefit for new home owners to keep their investment in top condition.

Moisture Intrusion Inspection:

  • If our inspector notices any possible water intrusion during the home inspection, he will use a moisture reader to see if there is any moisture saturation in the affected area.

  • This inspection is included on all home inspections.

  • If the moisture reader is used during an inspection, it will be reflected on the digital report given to the client.

Indoor Air Quality Survey:

  • This is an ancillary service that can be added to a home inspection or done individually.

  • The inspector uses a pocket particle sensor that will measure the air in your home to see if there are any particulates in the air.

  • It includes 4-5 rooms plus an outdoor air sample, at about 3-5 minutes per room.

  • A digital report is sent within 24 hours stating the amount of particulates in each room and what the possible effects are.

  • This is not a lab test, just gives an idea if more details are needed.

  • More details are on our website

Pool and Spa Inspection:

  • Another ancillary service offered by Bender's Inspection Services.

  • Inspection consists of checking the pool equipment, decking around pool and any possible cracking within the pool itself.

  • Report will identify any possible defects found so further investigation can occur.

There are more services offered through Bender's Inspection Services, please visit our website for more details

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