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Home Inspection: What to expect

What is inspected during a home inspection?

  • Roof, rafters, shingles, attic, insulation

  • Exterior and interior walls, windows, doors

  • Fascia, Eaves, & Soffits

  • Gutters, landscape drainage

  • Electrical panel, electrical outlets

  • Fireplace

  • HVAC system

  • Plumbing

  • Visible foundation

  • Major built-in appliances checked

  • Possible health or safety hazards

What is noted in home inspection report?

  • Any visible defects

  • A home cannot "fail" a home inspection, the report will give the buyer or seller the opportunity to fix any defects to get the most for their investment.

  • My reports are delivered within 24 hours after completion, fully digital with pictures and descriptions of all defects.

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