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Home Inspection: Pool and Spa Inspections

Brent Bender at Bender's Inspection Services is a certified pool and spa inspector through InterNACHI. It is an extra service provided by Bender's that can be added onto a home inspection or done by itself.

During an inspection, he will check for;

  • Proper functionality of pool equipment: pumps, drains, filtration, light, jets, heating

  • Damage, cracking, and/or heaving/settling of decking, coping, or vessel surface

  • Electrical safety and hazards or leaks/damage at pool plumbing or equipment

  • California required (2) safety features: pool fencing, perimeter yard fencing, self-closing self-latching gates or doors, door alarms, and/or a pool/spa cover

The inspection will take between 30-60 minutes to complete and the client will get a fully digital report within 24 hours. The report will help identify any concerns or visible issues found in or around the pool.

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